Hayabusa – by Suzuki, is acknowledged to be the hottest supersport bike on the market today. With power that is unsurpassed, sharp handling, and aerodynamics that help it pierce the horizon, the Hayabusa is today’s top racing bike. The Hayabusa engine, 1340cc, is liquid-cooled and has 16 valves. The Suzuki-designed Twin Swirl Combustion Chambers gives the Hayabusa 11% higher performance and smoother ride than most sport and racing bikes. With an optimum speed of 120-150 mph, it’s not easy to find a place to ride a Hayabusa full out.

Hayabusa’s radiator (curved, with two computer-controlled electric fans) and the rest of the cooling system have been redesigned to increase the cooling capacity. The piston rings have a modern ion plating treatment, reducing friction and oil consumption. The pistons are fashioned from a lightweight aluminum alloy, in a new shape and higher compression ratio, to create maximum performance in any situation. A newly designed exhaust system has a larger volume and also a closed loop system, meeting stringent European standards.

The rider has the choice of three different engine settings (the Suzuki Drive Mode Selector), which allows for optimal engine settings to meet any driving conditions. Aerodynamic fairings feature ultra low drag along with the distinctive Hayabusa style; a more muscular design works with the more powerful engine of latest models. The fuel tank is not as high, so the rider can snug the helmet in from the wind, and the windscreen is higher to improve protection against the wind while providing best aerodynamics for riding.

Rider will also find a complete instrument cluster, with four meters – speed, tach, fuel, and water temperature along with indicators for S-DMS mode, gear position, and rpms.

A tough new, bridged aluminum alloy swingarm on the rear wheel has a cross-sectional shape, giving increased rigidity and a better rear tire grip for the greater output of the engine. Front brake calipers are radial mount, allowing for smaller rotors on the front wheel, providing less weight and better handling.

Taillight is an LED double lens, clear on the inside and red on the outside, creating excellent visibility. Double headlights are vertically stacked for more intense light, better distribution of light beam, and style. High performance tires (standard Bridgestone BT-015s) give excellent control.


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