The Honda Gold Wing

The gold standard of big touring bikes, the Honda Gold Wing has been named Bike of the Year by Cycle World 17 times. It has an 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontal 6 cylinder with opposed pistons which some call the only design for touring. The ride is smooth and vibration-free. It has a Programmed Fuel Injection system with a computer-controlled ignition. A single overhead cam valve train has two valves per cylinder.

The Gold Wing’s transmission is 5-speed including Reverse and Overdrive, which makes for a more efficient ride. Comfort and safety amenities include CB, CD, intercom between rider and passenger, XM radio, GPS moving maps, cold-weather comfort, even a Tire-Pressure Monitoring System and Anti-lock Braking system. The Gold Wing was the first motorcycle to feature an airbag. A Final Drive shaft system is efficient and easy to maintain.

Gold Wing front suspension has a 45mm cartridge fork with an Anti-dive system and 5.5 inches of travel. On the larger rear wheel, Honda’s computer-controlled Pro-Arm single-side swingarm features a Pro-Link single shock with a spring-preload adjustment and 4.1 inches of travel. Dual disc brakes in front and rear with a CBS system on both to facilitate braking both wheels at the same time.

Riders will find a low seat height (29.1 inches) and a weight between 895 to 928 pounds, depending on the options added. The fuel capacity is a large 6.6 gallons and 36 miles per gallon. A new Gold Wing comes with a three-year, transferable, unlimited mileage warranty; an extended Honda Protection Plan is available as well.


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