What do you want from a motorbike?

Nothing has diminished the need for speed; motorcycles have grown ever faster. The popularity of motorcycle racing has led to innovations and improvement of design throughout the decades. Today, every rider has a vision of himself or herself that includes mastery of the environment, the ability to carve out one’s individual path and an elevation above the mundane reality of ordinary vehicles. Most riders want speed, first and foremost!

There is no typical bike. Those who ride motorcycles share a particular mindset; for them, the open road is an invitation to self-mastery, similar to yoga or mountain climbing. The motorcyclist’s mantra includes the desire to go fast, to rise above the limitations of ordinary mortals; it is also a feeling of power and union with one’s environment. The peculiar design of the two-wheeled vehicle requires intimate, masterful cooperation from the rider, whose sense of balance and intuitive knowledge of the geometry of the curve in a country road are essential, and personally exhilarating.

Motorcycles are fun. The thrill in riding is unmatched by any other mode of transportation. No matter what type of a bike you ride, or what your reasons for riding, you will experience a sense of freedom unavailable in any other ordinary activity. What kind of bike is right for you? That depends on a number of factors.

How much do you want to spend? Or, to put it another way, how much are you able to spend? Do you feel unable to afford the bike of your dreams? Consider carefully your next step, for you could be very sorry if you settle for less; every time you pass some lucky sod on your dream bike, you’ll kick yourself. Find a way to get the bike you really want, if at all possible.

What do you plan to do with your motorcycle? You can tailor your purchase of a new bike to match every need – long trips across the country, commuter vehicle, racing on- or off-road. Here we will take a look at a number of motorcycle models that you can choose among, to suit your purposes.

Cruisers and Touring Bikes
Traveling across America? You’d be happiest on a cruiser or a touring cruiser. More comfortable, nice upright seat, and many luxuries characterise this class of motorcycle.  How about a Honda Goldwing?

Looking to set racing records? Get yourself a sport bike. There are many types and styles of sport bike available, from Super Sport bikes like the Sportster all the way up to Super Sport Touring models such as the Kawasaki Concours.

A Bike for Every Rider
As in every bike choice, you – the rider – must fit together with the bike. So, regardless of what kind of engine you look for, or the displacement or type of suspension or arrangement of exhaust, first find a bike that fits you. You have to be able to hold it balanced, when starting and stopping as well as riding. The arrangement of the foot pegs, or floorboards, brakes and gears must be within your comfortable reach, and the seat must provide the kind of comfort you desire. The handlebars must be in the right location for you and the way you plan to ride. You and the bike must be a good physical fit, as well as a good purpose fit. Sometimes a sporty bike can be used as a touring bike, depending on the ability to add storage, and sit in a more upright posture.

The adventure begins when you start to search for the right bike for you. The journey never ends.

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